Words Fail Me

Irony notwithstanding, I’m not quite sure what to say about this work. It’s new, the letters are hand made or hand painted, and it includes quotations from Ann Frank, phrases, in translation, from a textbook of Hudson Bay Languages, found language from a discarded dream journal, and a parsing of popular platitudes. I’m fascinated right now with how social media is chock full of inspirational quotes and quips, often erroneously attributed and sometimes applied wildly out of context. Seems that many of us are digging for wisdom in the past in lieu of discovering our own points of view. Not that the past doesn’t have lots to teach us, it should never be ignored, but I worry that a dependence upon what’s already been said, or done for that matter, allows us to sink that much deeper into the quagmire of half-truths and auto-generated infotainment that currently threatens to engulf our collective consciousness. The texts of Words Fail Me can be seen or read as internal monologues, closed captions, stage directions, or even markup language for populating your own content. For me, there’s some narrative overlap between the texts, which you can choose to scrutinize, or you can script your own meanings, structure the stories and signify the objects and the spaces they inhabit with your own words. Maybe they won’t fail you. xs

In Bloom

Described Video

Data Sort

Post (When This Is All Over)

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