Never For Ever- A residency project @ Lake Ohrid in Macedonia

The Build

Understanding place, gathering materials, developing methods.

Site Specific

Intentions, interactions and interventions.

The Launch

The assembly, the promenade, the flotilla, the landing party.


All of the above would not have been possible without the commitment, collaboration and contributions of many people. Foremost of all, thanks to Leannej for textual documentation and images of ‘The Launch’, as well as critical thinking & creative solidarity. Many thanks also to Nikola, Igor, Мартин, Ilija, Миа, Jokam, Michal, Keke, Petar & Iliya, and Natalija Bojadjieva for additional ‘Launch’ photography. I’d especially like to thank Ilina Arsova of Ikar Hut residency for the invitation to Lake Ohrid and for all her help in making the project happen. x My Name Is Scot

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