New Work @ 4×4 Gallery

< Pieta >

Hello Citizens, From February 27-March 13th I’ll have some new sculptural works on view at the wonderful 4 x 4 Gallery, 234 East 5th Avenue in Vancouver. The exhibit is window based and viewable from the street during daylight hours and into the early evening.

I’ve set up a tableau of figurative/textual works in each of the four windows. Overall, the work explores notions of machine consciousness, collective memory and personal grief. The figurative gestures evince aspects of infinite loop programming, i.e. where a set of conditions is programmed to repeat endlessly until an external intervention occurs. I’ve been wondering lately, about the internal and external systems that we use to gauge the worth of our selves and others, and whether or not we will be able to integrate the hard-won lessons of our analogue bodies into the fabric of our evolving digital entities…

If you get a chance to swing by and have a look, please let me know what you think! xs

P.S. The images below are studio details of some of the works in the show, I’ll take some install shots and post them soon!

< Left >
< Enumeration > (detail)
< Pieta > (detail)
< Recursion >
< Forward > (detail)
< Enumeration > (detail)

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