Amor Vincit Omnia, or not. Words & pictures from the DTES.

It’s a place that can be difficult to love and a place that some people love to hate and you may have to look hard and sometimes twice at things you’d rather not look at, but the evidence is everywhere. Despite gentrification, despite the fentanyl crisis, day in, day out, kindness and generosity continue to prevail on the streets of the Downtown Eastside. Some days it doesn’t seem to be enough and some days it feels like the only place in Vancouver where you can find love winning the battle against indifference and intolerance.


2 comments on “Amor Vincit Omnia, or not. Words & pictures from the DTES.”

  1. Shalon says:

    Hello! I am a PhD student in Performance Studies who researches the ‘performance of disappearance’ and the performances of geopolitically contested spaces (in a nutshell). I now live in Toronto – and I have found your work online .. i’m very interested in it..! and meeting you! I am going to be in Vancouver next week until mid November. Would it be possible to meet you for a coffee?

    1. admin says:

      Hey Shalon, thanks for the feedback! Sounds like you’re doing some interesting research in issues that mean a lot to me. I’d be very happy to meet for coffee and a chat. I’ll be in town and around the studio a fair bit for the next few weeks, so let me know when you get settled and we’ll figure out a time and place. All the best x Scot

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