Malefactor @ Fuse @ The Vancouver Art Gallery, April 25/14

Thanks to all of you who made it out to Fuse at the Vancouver Art Gallery, it was great to see you. It was a wonderful evening, with some riveting performances and fabulous work reflecting the theme of Terrible Beauty, curated and staged by the equally riveting and fabulous Veda Hille and Vanessa Kwan. Thanks also to volunteers Joanne and Carly who did an exemplary job, helping me to drag around and place the 32 life-sized characters.


I always hope to encourage people to bring their own thoughts and concerns to the work I initiate . Malefactor had people guessing which letters came next, imagining words and meanings and occasionally trying to sneak a look at the last two letters (which were covered until the final reveal). Many voices, ideas and a lot of pondering the ultimate meaning of the piece’s cryptic phrase, exactly the kind of interaction I was hoping for. Thanks again to all of you for your thoughtful conversation and feedback!

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