Powell, just before Oppenheimer Park

Garland with the name, Marnie


For the last few days the constant thudding of Olympic security helicopters over the neighbourhood has been getting on everyone’s nerves. Late afternoon and the sky is filled with agitated gulls, the trees all around the park alive with restless crows. A local resident wanders up and down Powell telling himself over and over again – “They want to play their games, They can keep their FUCKING GAMES!” Last night, the street was full of cruising Police cars, empty of people and the uptown spotlights and the beams from the circling helicopters overhead looked a bit like the Northern Lights, but I avoided going out. Today, just before sunset, under the watchful eyes of many crows – Marnie.

One comment on “Powell, just before Oppenheimer Park”

  1. Sarah says:

    I just wanted to say that your names have affected me profoundly. At first I saw my OWN name and wondered what was going on – it was so eerie – but then I learned what your project is. I just saw "Inga" yesterday as I walked in the evening, and it was a very emotional experience. Such despair and mystery, and the possibility of redemption. Thank you.

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