The installation Comfort Zone combines roughly symbolic shelters with figurative/text based scenarios and mimetic, prop-like devices which unequivocally reflect and re-purpose the material aspects and visual aesthetics of the DTES neighbourhood, with candour, a little humour and a lot of caring, encouraging viewers to negotiate the grey areas between waste and want, grief and gratitude, comfort and control, as they relate to their own life. Alluding to the chaos of street sweeps, dismantled tent-cities, or the props of a half- struck Hollywood North film set, the work attempts to create intimate spaces or scenarios for privately contemplating of the complexities of being invisible, witnessed, or scripted by the judgments of others. I want viewers to recognize the connections between local disenfranchisement and global displacement and to consider how they position themselves in relation to the objects, places and people that exist outside of their own comfort zone.

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