Comfort Zone

Some studio shots of recent sculptural pieces exploring ideas of safety, shelter, surveillence and the infrastucture of self. The work considers the material elements and metaphysical constructs that define or deny our place in the world. Combining roughly symbolic shelters with figurative/text based scenarios and mimetic, prop-like devices, the work prompts the viewer to consider how they read objects, parse information and position themselves in relation to the people, places and objects that exist outside of their own comfort zone.

Gate Keeper : Approx. 4’high x 3′ wide. Construction considering the administrated access to physical space and the virtual controls of digital information.
StreetView : Approx. 9’high x 4’wide x 7’long. Wood, rope. A consideration of technological assumptions regarding home, mobility, forced migration and global citizenship. 
Habitude (Lonely) : Approx. 4’ high x 3’ deep x 2.5’ wide. Wood, plastic, text. Human scale construction exploring notions of personal space, social alienation and shared responsibility.

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