A recent video (see below), another project and a new blog

face book” is a silent, one minute video that was shown on monitors in the Toronto Subway system, this past September, as part of the Toronto Urban Film Festival. Here’s the synopsis that ran alongside it :

On the fringes of the digital city are places where your status doesn’t get updated daily, your profile usually gets determined for you by others and the only photos of you that get posted are when you go missing. This film is for everyone who falls between the cracks of our social networking systems.

The video is a bit of a thumbnail sketch from a longer video called – Calculating 63 , which is a collaboration between myself and Leannej. Calculating 63 was created in response to the mainstream media’s handling of the disappearance of over 60 women from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Both videos examine the links between poverty, exploitation and violence. It was while collecting the footage for both pieces that I developed the notions for my newest project.

Evergreen is a series of 26 site specific installations that I’ve just started working on and I’ve created a new blogsite to go with it – evergreen26.blogspot.com. The blog will be a sort of working diary of the project and once I start installing the pieces (sometime in late autumn), I’ll use it to map out their locations. I’m gonna be pretty busy with Evergreen for the next couple of months, so please visit me at the evergreen site for updates and more info.

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