Wasted – new work in progress

Slow, silent, omnipresent, all we could see, ever increasing, more toxic than previously thought, photo degradation, malnutrition, metabolized subsequent to ingestion, particularly damaging, the term debris, manufactured and processed, insidiously and ineluctably formed or imprinted, a system of coding, something discarded, the right or duty of intervention, anywhere in the world and ever growing, in ways that are only just becoming known.


Glass, rubber, metal, persistent solid material, the overwhelming amount, how vast, domestic waste, unquantifiable plastic mass, buoyancy, durability, undeniable behavioral propensity, indirectly, intentionally, disposed of or abandoned, towards a legal recognition, may be shaped when soft and then hardened.

Obligations, a forage into the great garbage patch, microscopic, their “social contract”, starvation, laceration, fragmented plastic debris, infection and suffocation, new sources of global contamination, enough is enough, just below the surface, the abysmal depth.


Over-consuming, we’re all afraid of what we’re going to find, a cylinder of tightly packed, shredded black plastic, strong bonds of various kinds, formerly living materials, blatantly visible, beyond visual, scavengers who take, lethal nature, giving rise to yet another… 

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