New work @ the Vancouver Art Book Fair

Hi All, if you’re in Vancouver this weekend, October 17th and 18th, please drop by the Vancouver Art Gallery and check out the amazing assortment of book works, zines and more, including the latest book by yours truly called Where is Here, from the series – Documents of Psychic Amateurs published by the fabulous Perro Verlag .

The series explores psychic phenomena in a variety of intriguing ways and includes works from Bucky Fleur, James MacSwain, Sally Rees, Emily Gooden, Courtney Bourke and James Whitman and Owen Plummer. Here’s what the publisher has to say about Where Is Here :

How is a person a medium, how a conduit, a visionary, a faker? What happens when a ghost enters the room? And who are the ghosts anyway? My Name Is Scot’s document, Where is Here, won’t provide answers to any of these questions directly but it is, nevertheless, a profoundly focused engagement with, and evocation of the images and voices hovering at the edges of these questions.” 

I might add that the book discretely touches on notions of people gone missing and the structures and systems that contrive to disappear them. I might also add that some of the source materials for the book were adapted from the Journals of the Society for Psychical Research, a multi volume anthology which used to reside far back in the stacks @ the VPL but which has since ‘vanished’ during one of the many recent Library makeovers and which, according to current system records, never existed at all…

Please drop by and say hello to the Perro Verlag crew who will be sharing a table with the Western Front on the first floor. For more info on time and location please visit : 

And if you get a chance to look @ Where is Here, I’d love to hear what you think! 

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