Public Address at the Vancouver Art Book Fair

Hi all, If you’re in Vancouver this October 4th- 5th, please drop by the Vancouver Art Gallery and visit Leannej and I at our table on the second floor. We’ll be displaying Bulgarian zines and artist books and launching our new collaborative book Monument, featuring texts by Leannej and images by yours truly. Here’s the press release:

Public Address at the Vancouver Art Book Fair

Vancouver Artists Leannej and My Name Is Scot showcase artists books and zines from Bulgarian artists for the Vancouver Art Book Fair in the Vancouver Art Gallery October 4 and 5th 2014 in an exhibition entitled, Public Address.

Public Address is an ongoing project initiated by Leannej and My Name Is Scot. The project was initiated during their two-month stay at the Sofia Art Residency in Sofia, Bulgaria, which coincided with the first anniversary of the almost year-long public protests against government corruption in Bulgaria.

Public Address explores notions of activism, authority and the ways and means of disseminating public and private messages. As part of the project, Leannej and My Name Is Scot collected zines and artist books by Bulgarian writers and artists, which they will be presenting for the Vancouver Art Book Fair. Featured artists include Sevda Semer, Alla Georgieva, Biliana Velkoa, Steven Guermeur, Kiril Prashkov, Lazar Lyutakov, Voin de Voin, artists from the Bulgarian Queer Forum, and Blood Becomes Water.

During the Vancouver Art Book Fair, Leannej and My Name Is Scot will also be launching their new book, Monument, published by Publication Studios in Vancouver. Monument features images made by My Name Is Scot and texts written by Leannej, chronicling their two months of living and working in Bulgaria.

For more info please check out the Vancouver Art Book Fair website:

There’s a lot of really interesting stuff going on, it’d be lovely to see you there!

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