The Butterfly Effect ( 1&2)

The Butterfly Effect (1&2)
Based on the generally positive results of a poll we conducted in your neighbourhood, we film the aftermath of a police incident with many police cars and extras in the street.
  • We are planning to film on this day between 9:00 AM and 3:30 AM .
  • In the show 235 Alexander is a nightclub, and in the first episode there is a grand re-opening party scene, which is why we require a longer extension.
  • Our day begins at 12:30 am on the 00 block of Alexander.
  • Two actors discuss the discovery of a dead man in the lane.
  • A scene with several police cars with emergency lights on pulling up to the property from all directions (lights will be flashing, but there won’t be any sirens).
  • Some of these scenes have choreographed stunts of actors having an altercation.
  • The location will be dressed as a night club with partygoers gathered in front. We will have a number of people milling about the entrance to 1 Alexander and out into the street as well.
  • We will be preparing some of the surrounding buildings in the weeks leading up to filming.
  • Exterior scenes of an actor walking down 90 Alexander and another stunt scene with 3 actors fighting. Vancouver Police will be on hand to perform a temporary road closure when necessary during the filming of this scene.
  • There will also be a camera in the intersection to film the club-goers.
  • We will be parking “fake police cars” on the street. The sidewalk will be blocked for approx. one hour.
  • Actors will be wearing holstered weapons in all scenes.
  • The activity will include a number of “extras” waiting to get into the club, as well as, several cars driving up to drop off club-goers.
  • We realize that your neighbourhood entertains it’s fair share of filming.

  • BG X 66
  • Waiters x 8
  • Patrons x 50
  • Drivebys w/vehicles x 4
  • Passerbys x 20
  • Our filming will be very low impact.
  • Lights on stands, and also perhaps on scaffolding eight to twelve feet high, will be focused on the exterior, although other lights may shine along 200 block Alexander and up to the sky to create mood for night-time filming.
  • We will make the area brighter than usual.
  • Pedestrian foot traffic will be closed and re-directed between Gaolers Mews and Blood Alley.
  • Please identify yourself to an officer for access.
  • There will be minor special effects of fog and a wet down of the streets for these scenes.
  • We are sensitive to concerns about filming in the neighbourhood.
  • The usual curfew is 11 PM.
  • The noise from simulated gunfire is comparable to the sound of firecrackers.
  • An SUV drives westbound on Alexander from Main and crashes into a fake wall that will extend into the north sidewalk from the south sidewalk.
  • Police will be on hand to assist us.
  • Actors will run around the corner and others will get into a car on Hastings and speed away.
  • The City of Vancouver has granted us an extension.
  • A crowd of people and emergency vehicles gathering in front of 41 Alexander Street.
  • Our final shot of the night will be from a scissor lift on the north sidewalk.
  • An actor lies on the ground as another approaches him.
  • 3:30 AM. Our crew will then pack up and move to film at another location.

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